Layer 7 IT Security win CSX Euro Cyber Challenge

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18th September 2016
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15th November 2016
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Layer 7 IT Security Director wins CSX Euro Cyber Challenge

The CSX Euro ISACA conference was in London at the start of November this year with a vast number of Information security professionals from across Europe and the United States were in attendance. There was a vast range of in-depth seminars on topics ranging from the Dark Web to emerging threats from Internet of Things (IoT).

The CSX Cyber Challenge was timed competition delivered by CIAS (founders of the National Collegiate Cyber Defence Competition). At the start of the competition, common resources were available for players to identify, scan, assess, and penetrate. To claim ownership of a service, players needed to plant their flag, , inside the banner of the service. Competitors accumulated points for each critical service they controlled and continued to accumulate points as long as they owned and maintained those critical services.

Layer 7 IT Security director, Dr. Christopher N. Tait won the morning standard session and decided to have a go at the advanced session where seasoned professionals pitted their talents against each other. Clearly too many cakes were had during lunch as Chris was pipped into second place in the advanced session.